Spruce up a boring resume

17 Oct

Today we found a great article on Mashable.com that shows us how to spruce up a boring resume.

Getting your resume noticed is one of the most important things jobseekers need to accomplish to start the interviewing process. The look and feel of your resume  is an important factor in accomplishing this. Another very important factor is speaking the same language as your future employer and by this we mean presenting a resume that fits the job as much as possible.

This Infographic shows a step by step process on how to spruce up your resume, but as it vey well says, some things never change and are, in our opinion, mandatory:

“Modern technology should be used to enhance and modernize a resume, but there are elements that should remain consistent. The resume should be tailored to the position for which a person is applying.”

ResumeTuner helps you tailor your resume to each job ad in 3 simple steps. Find out more at www.resumetuner.com, and take a peek at the Inforgaphic we mentioned, here:

Via: http://mashable.com/2011/07/10/digital-resume/


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